Best Storm Windows for Old Houses: Preserving Comfort and Efficiency

Best Storm Windows for Old Houses: Old houses carry a charm of their own with unique architectural designs and historical significance. However, they often lack the modern energy-efficient features found in newer constructions. To maintain the character and integrity of these homes while enhancing energy efficiency, installing storm windows is a wise choice. This article delves into the best storm windows tailored for old houses, ensuring both preservation and efficiency.

Understanding the Necessity of Storm Windows for Older Homes

Older homes, while possessing an appealing aesthetic, are often plagued by energy inefficiency due to aged windows. Storm windows act as an extra barrier, offering insulation and protection against external elements. They effectively reduce air leakage, preventing drafts and temperature fluctuations. Their installation complements the existing windows, maintaining the house’s original appeal while boosting energy efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Storm Windows

Window Compatibility

Selecting storm windows compatible with the existing window frames is crucial. Look for options that seamlessly blend with the house’s aesthetics without compromising functionality.

Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Opt for storm windows with high-quality insulation to enhance energy efficiency. Features like double-pane glass or low-emissivity coatings are beneficial in conserving energy.

Durability and Maintenance

Choose storm windows made from durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl, or wood, ensuring longevity and requiring minimal maintenance.


Consider the initial investment against long-term benefits. Quality storm windows might involve a higher upfront cost but could significantly reduce energy bills in the future.

Top Picks for Storm Windows Ideal for Old Houses

Larson Low-E Storm Windows

Larson Low-E Storm Windows combine efficiency and durability. With a focus on energy conservation and insulation, these windows are a suitable choice for preserving the comfort of old homes.

Pella Storm Windows

Pella Storm Windows offer a range of customizable options, ensuring a perfect fit for various window styles found in older houses. Their advanced insulation properties enhance energy efficiency.

Andersen Stormwatch Windows

Andersen Stormwatch Windows are known for their durability and protection against extreme weather conditions. Their seamless integration with existing windows makes them an excellent choice for old houses.


Preserving the authenticity and charm of an old house while enhancing energy efficiency is achievable with the right storm windows. Investing in quality storm windows tailored for older homes ensures both comfort and sustainability.

FAQs About Storm Windows for Old Houses

1: Will storm windows significantly reduce my energy bills?

Installing quality storm windows can notably reduce energy bills by providing extra insulation, reducing drafts, and improving overall energy efficiency.

2: How long do storm windows typically last?

The lifespan of storm windows varies depending on the material and maintenance. High-quality storm windows can last 20 years or more.

3: Can I install storm windows by myself?

While it’s possible for some homeowners to install storm windows, professional installation is recommended for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

4: Are storm windows only for protection against storms?

Storm windows provide protection against extreme weather, but their primary function is to enhance energy efficiency and insulation in homes.

5: Do storm windows alter the appearance of old houses?

Well-selected storm windows are designed to complement the existing style and architecture of old houses, preserving their appearance while enhancing efficiency.

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